Bell & Ross unveils three new colours for their round watches ahead of Baselworld 2020

Watches with a facelift.

With last year’s launch of the Bell & Ross BR 05, much of the spotlight has been stolen by this latest collection. This year, however, with Baselworld 2020 just around the corner, Bell & Ross have decided to do a little pre-launch, this time focusing on their round watches. They offer three new colours, one for each of their BR V2 automatic, chronograph and GMT watches.

These watches are by no means new. Well maybe the BR V2-93 GMT that was launched late 2018 can be considered relatively recent. But these watches have existed in the Bell & Ross portfolio for quite some time now. The interesting bit comes with the new touches of colour and a very nice elastic NATO strap that is offered with each of these watches. Oh, and in the case of the BR V2-94 Aéronavale, the case comes in a unique bronze.

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