Breitling Top Time: From the return of Zorro to a new blockchain authentication system

En garde.

It is ironic to think that when Breitling introduced the Top Time back in the 1960s it was designed as an ultramodern chronograph, and today, the Top Time returns as a retro-inspired watch for 2020. With the entire watch industry clamouring to dig up pieces of the past for modern-day consumers, the move to bring back the Top Time with its affectionately named ‘Zorro’ dial isn’t too surprising.

Decidedly different than any other chronograph in Breitling’s current collection, the return of the Top Time adds on a new sporty-casual option for the brand’s aficionados. Interestingly, the Top Time also has some ties with James Bond. In the 1965 film Thunderball, 007 was handed a Top Time with a Geiger counter. The new reproduction won’t have this feature but, it will come in a stainless steel 41mm case which sits nicely in the mid-size range and it will be powered by a modern and extremely accurate Breitling Caliber 23 movement (COSC Chronometer certified). On the downside, the Top Time will be limited to only 2,000 pieces worldwide, which might disappear rather quickly.

Perhaps what is more interesting about the launch of the Top Time is the fact that it will be the first Breitling watch to offer a new blockchain-based authentication system. Basically, with this new watch, and probably all Breitling watches in the future, the certificate of authenticity and warranty information will be kept on a blockchain-powered by Arianee and accessible via an app. Thus giving these new watches a “secure and augmented digital representation.”

From my understanding of blockchain technology is that all information will be encrypted and kept by each person that uses the app. And according to the Arianee website, this technology will make it far easier to transfer ownership of the watch and if it ever gets stolen, it will make it harder to fence since the thief won’t be able to get their hands on proper authentication documents. In any case, it would be interesting to see how this thing works in real life, so if any of you have experienced it do tell us about it in the comments.

The Breitling Top Time will retail at USD 4,990 and is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide. For more information, you can visit the Breitling website here.

Case: Stainless steel
Case size: 41mm
Crystal: Sapphire, convex, double anti-reflective
Thickness: 14.27mm
Movement: Breitling Caliber 23, automatic
Water Resistance: 30m
Price: USD 4,990

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