The New Casio A100WEPC PAC-MAN Is ‘PAC’-ED to The Brim with Retro Nostalgia

The watch is a nod to the 1979 film Alien too!

With the amount of PAC-MAN graphics on this A100, there is no need to explain the collaboration here. However, as we took a closer look at this new Casio A100WEPC we found quite a few incredible details that we think is worth pointing out. The first of which is the strap. While the case is made with gold-plated resin, the stainless steel bracelet comes with laser-etched patterns of PAC-MAN. The top half shows PAC-MAN being chased by ghosts but the bottom half, represents the reverse as PAC-MAN gobbles up the big dot and now chases the ghosts.

The arcade game PAC-MAN was first released in 1980 and the watch that this collaboration is built on, the A100, is a modern reissue of the classic F100, launched in 1978. During the time, this watch was the first Casio quartz watch in a resin case and offered stopwatch and calendar functions. The A100 builds upon the nostalgia of the F100 offering the A100 that is almost identical in design, right down to the four iconic function buttons on the dial.

The Casio A100

If you are a fan of this retro period, this watch packs yet another iconic reference of this era. As hardcore fans are already aware, the F100 was the watch of choice for Ripley in the 1979 film Alien. More specifically, Ripley wore a custom watch that combined two F100 watches on a single strap. Unfortunately, this fact is often overshadowed by a more well-known, Seiko 7A28-7000 or more affectionally known as the Seiko Ripley, and its oversized chronograph pushers. The Seiko was a watch worn in the 1986 sequel Aliens.

The Casio worn by the character Ripley in Alien (1979).


The Seiko worn by the character Ripley in Aliens (1986).

With its PAC-MAN, F100 and Alien elements, the watch is packed full of retro-nostalgic cues. And with the modest price tag of the Casio A100WEPC, it represents a fun little watch even for watch enthusiasts.

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