Citizen Promaster NY011

Citizen Promaster NY011: Catching a bigger fugu

Bigger and better.

When it comes to the world of affordable dive watches, the Japanese watchmakers along with their fishes are always the top contenders. Seiko has their Tuna and Orient has the Mako and the Ray that all offer stellar value for the price. One brand that often gets overlooked, however, is Citizen and their Fugu. Today, we are taking a first look at the latest generation of the Japanese pufferfish – the Citizen Promaster NY011.


Citizen Promaster NY011
The limited edition Citizen Promaster NY0119-19X with a fully lumed dial,

The Citizen Fugu is by no means a new collection for Citizen. The very first iteration of this watch came in 1989 with the Promaster NY004. The reason it is called the Fugu is due to the unique bezel design that alternates between a smooth and ridged surface to make it easier to grip and operate underwater, and this design reminded the wearers of the pufferfish. Fully embracing the name Fugu, Citizen then went on to engrave this fish on the caseback of the second generation NY008 launched as a limited-edition collection in 2018 followed by the NY009 in 2019 with stainless steel bracelets.

Citizen Promaster NY011

After enjoying immense success in the enthusiast market, the Fugu has returned this year with a new generation – NY011 – that has even more features to whet the watch lover’s appetite. The first thing to know about the NY011 that may not be apparent in pictures is that they have increased the size from 42mm to 44mm. And this gives fans of the design more options in terms of how they want their watch to look on the wrist. Secondly, where previously the NY008 and NY009 came with a mineral crystal, they have now upgraded it to a sapphire crystal that is more impervious to scratches. Finally, the new version comes with a 120-click bezel which according to Citizen is also manufactured to higher tolerances, meaning it is just an overall better bezel than before.


Citizen Promaster NY011


The strap of the NY011 has also been upgraded to new polyurethane material that Citizen says is softer and more durable. Also, more importantly, you’ll still get the cool N.D. Limits (no-decompression limits) scale printed on the band.



The Citizen Promaster NY011 series will come in three colour variations including one with a white dial, an uncommon sight for a dive watch. There will also be a limited-edition version NY0119-19X that offers a fully lumed dial.



Best of all, the price for this new collection will be SGD 556.40 (Approx. MYR 1,699) for the non-limited edition pieces while the NY0119-19X will be priced at SGD 631.30 (Approx. MYR 1,928) and is limited to only 2,000 pieces.

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