First Look: Edox CO-1 Carbon Chronograph Automatic

The first carbon case for Edox

Gone are the days when precious metals like gold and platinum were the only way to make a watch case unique. In this era of watchmaking, it’s not uncommon to see cases made from sapphire, ceramic and carbon, sometimes costing much more than the aforementioned precious metals. And the reason for the extra zeroes in the pricetag comes from the difficulty in working with said materials. Therefore, when a brand offers up its first foray into the world of carbon cases, it is only natural that we sit up and take notice. Here’s a first look at the Edox CO-1 Carbon Chronograph Automatic.

Lighter and stronger than steel, carbon is of course a great material to make a watch case out of. But more than that, what edox has managed to achieve with the colours of their carbon construction is definitely something that catches the eye. If the pictures are anything to go by, the blue and red options will look extremely electrifying on the wrist; and upon closer inspection, I’m sure the wearer will be pleased to find the colours actually alternate within the carbon layers.

The case isn’t crafted from one block of carbon, which for the pricetag, is more than acceptable, instead, the carbon bits are put together modularly around a stainless steel case, giving it quite a sporty and technical aesthetic. And with a case size of 45mm, there is no doubt this thing will be highly visible on your wrist.

As a diver-esque watch, the 500m of water resistance of the watch is impressive but not all that special. However if you take into consideration that it is also a chronograph (pushers and all), then, the ability to withstand 50 ATM of pressure becomes something really interesting. On top of that, the watch also has a helium escape valve to be used in technical dives or extreme water sports.

Underneath the dial is an Edox Calibre 011 movement which is basically a modified Sellita SW500. Regardless of the colour, the watch is priced at MYR14,450.

Case: Carbon with a stainless steel inner ring
Case size: 45mm
Movement: Edox Calibre 011 (based on Sellita SW500)
Power reserve: 48 hours
Water Resistance: 500m / 50ATM
Price: MYR14,450

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