First Look: Hamilton Khaki Field Murph

The watch that saved mankind.

One of the clear signs that you are turning into a bit of a watch geek is that when you watch a movie, your eyes are immediately drawn to the wrist of the characters that appear on-screen. James Bond wore Rolex, Seiko and Omega watches; Steve McQueen wore a TAG. And if you ever had the pleasure of watching the 2014 film Insterstellar you would know that Cooper and his daughter Murph both wore a Hamilton.


In fact, unlike most movie watches that are mostly just aesthetic additions to the character, The Hamilton watch in Interstellar was actually instrumental to the plot of the movie. Initially leaving behind the watch to Murph as a keepsake, the timekeeper then turns out to be the key to saving humanity. Through the seconds hand of the watch, Cooper sends his daughter a message from inside the ‘tesseract’ of the fifth dimension through morse code. The quantum data that Cooper sends through helps mankind escape the dying earth. And because Murph exclaims “Eureka!” when she discovers this, the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph has a this word in morse code, printed in lacquer on the seconds hand (something that was obviously not on the watch in the movie).

**This part onwards is spoiler free**

Fans of the movie will now be able to purchase an exact reproduction of the movie watch nicknamed ‘the Murph’ and thankfully this field watch will not be a limited edition piece. The case is in a 42mm size while the H-10 automatic movement powering the watch has a long 80-hour power reserve. The dial is extremely well designed for legibility and I love the fact that there is no date-window, thus preserving the symmetry of the watch.

The box that the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph comes in was done in close collaboration with the film’s award-winning production designer, Nathan Crowley, and will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has seen the film. Although the watch itself is not limited, this special box is. Only 2,555 of the pieces sold worldwide will get this piece of Interstellar memorabilia.

Case: Stainless steel
Case size: 42mm
Movement: H-10 automatic movement (no date window)
Water Resistance: 10ATM (100m)
Price: MYR3,850

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