First Look: Tissot Heritage Visodate Quartz

A good gateway watch into the weird and wonderful world of horology

The deeper you fall into the rabbit hole of serious watches, the harder it often becomes to appreciate one with a quartz movement. However, I believe this Tissot Heritage Visodate Quartz deserves a mention for one simple reason; I think it is a great watch for those looking to find a gateway into the weird and wonderful world of horology.

For anyone who is already a watch convert, the Tissot Visodate should probably already be on their radars as it is a fairly inexpensive and dressy looking watch that boasts some serious heritage value. The Visodate was created back in the 1950s, at a time where the addition of a date function on a mechanical watch was considered a groundbreaking innovation. Just watch this ad from that era:

Although today’s watches have to do a whole lot more before it can be considered “horological innovation”, the appeal of the Visodate for the modern consumer comes from its storied past. Thus, Tissot launched the Heritage Visodate collection, drawing from the rich history of the brand.

Most of the new Visodates are quite a bit larger in diameter, but the DNA of the past is still very much visible in the design language of these watches. A domed sapphire crystal along with a domed dial exhibits the vintage soul of the Visodate while the classicly style Tissot logo on the dial gives the watch immense character, and also provides the wearer with a story to tell the next time someone asks about their watch.

For those who are not ready to deal with the eccentricities (and the pricetag) of a mechanical timepiece, the Visodate Quartz offers the precision and reliability of a Swiss-made ETA Quartz movement with the rich history of the collection. This middle ground, I feel makes it the perfect diving board for those who want to eventually make it to the deep end of watch collecting.

The Tissot Heritage Visodate Quartz retails at prices ranging from MYR1,250 to MYR1,500 depending on the strap and colour combination.

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