The Happiewatch Is Designed To Do One Thing: Make You Happy!

Is this the perfect poor man’s Konstantin Chaykin Joker?

If you’ve been drooling over Konstantin Chaykin Joker but just can’t handle its high-watchmaking price tag (five figures in MYR), then the new Happiewatch will definitely make you happy. It has crazy eyes, it has the dial in the shape of a face and the best part is it cost around a thousand ringgit.



In a slew of microbrands launching watches on crowdfunding websites, Happiewatch is one of the more unique options we have seen. Not only is the design cute and eye-catching, but when you look closely, you’ll find that the dial is also three dimensional. Currently, the Happiewatch team offers several dial designs, most of them are faces. According to them, the designs are collaborative efforts with fashion and graphic designers, and tattoo artists.



At the heart of the design, are the two eyes that also double up as the time-telling mechanism of the watch. One eye indicates the hour while the other indicates the minutes. Unlike mechanical watches that use a complex movement to split up the indications to a regulator format, Happiewatch found a simpler solution, which was to just use two movements. One for each eye. Two premium grade, Japanese quartz movements to be precise.



Last but not least, there are also a couple of case options to choose from. All of it is in 316L stainless steel but there are three colours including the standard steel finish, a gold finish and a black one as well.

On their website, the price of the watch is listed starting from USD 269, but it is currently a little cheaper on their Indigogo page. Oh and one more thing, apparently each design will be made only as limited editions so, once it is sold out, you won’t get the same design ever again.


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