Is the new Breitling Select subscription service a Netflix for watches?

Not quite.

Almost every watch enthusiast would have had this conversation with their watch-lover buddies: I have this budget, should I buy watch A, watch B or Watch C? Breitling’s new subscription service #BreitlingSelect aims to help you answer this question. This innovative new service from the brand will allow you to choose and wear up to three watches in 12 months and offering you a choice to buy the piece for yourself later.



Before you read any further, it’s worth mentioning that the service is currently only limited to the US but Breitling does mention a plan to bring it to more countries down the line. The asking price is a one-time starting fee of USD 450, and then USD 129 per month. You will be able to choose any watch from their pre-owned selection and have the option of swapping it out for two more different watches in the 12 months. We do not have info about when this service will be available in Malaysia, and even if the selection will be based on a global pool of watches, but I think this concept is worth mentioning, especially if you are a reader that is looking to purchase a piece from Breitling soon.



If you’re thinking: is this Netflix for watches? Well, somewhat. The way Breitling talks about the service sounds like its more of a prolonged test-drive where you get to wear the watches you are interested in for a longer period. However, there is no mention of a time limit to how long you can ‘borrow’ one of these watches and it is not compulsory to purchase at the end of those 12 months. So theoretically, you can continue to pay the subscription fee, and just keep getting a different watch to wear every four months.

I am genuinely interested as to how this service will play out. What do you think? Let us know.

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