The MB&F HM10 Bulldog is quite possibly man’s best friend

Loyalty and stubbornness on the wrist

In the world of high-end watchmaking, it’s not every day you hear that a watch was inspired by a dog. And yet, this sounds exactly like what a rebellious and quirky brand like MB&F would do. According to the founder, their latest Horological Machine No. 10 was inspired by the British Bulldog.

It’s weird to imagine how this thing would feel on the wrist but looking at the photos, they do look like they fit pretty well. I mean if you are charging close to CHF 100,000 for it, it better damn well be as close to perfect as it can be.

Don’t let its quirky demeanour fool you because this time instrument (can I even call it a watch anymore?) packs some serious mechanical punch. The heart of the movement (or the brain as Max calls it), the balance wheel, sits right on top just underneath the domed sapphire crystal where it beats steadily at 18,000 vph. Then comes the dual domes that tell the hour and the minute.

The most interesting part of the watch is the set of chompers set beneath the dial. This will open when the watch is wound and slowly close as the movement goes through the 45 hours of power reserve. Of course, the movement is manually would thus giving the wearer the pleasure of watching those teeth open up as they wind the watch up for use.


The HM10 will be available in titanium or a combination of titanium and red gold and will cost CHF 98,000 and CHF 112,000 respectively. To learn more about the HM10 Bulldog click here.

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