Rolex Submariner 41mm

The new Rolex Submariner is now in 41mm and the watch community can’t stop talking about it

They who wear the crown.

After a short tease, Rolex has finally unveiled their 2020 update to the Submariner. The most visible change to this collection is a 1mm increase in case diameter and yet, the watch enthusiast community is alive with chatter; thus, proving why Rolex is the brand that wears the crown.

The Submariner dive watch has been in Rolex’s arsenal of watches since 1953 and more importantly has today become one of the most iconic watches regardless of whether you are a ‘watch guy’ or not. And the reason for this is because, since its launch, the design of the Submariner has remained pretty much the same. Rolex is famed for keeping the core design of their watch constant while making small and incremental changes to their collection. Case in point is the new Ref. 124060 Submariner of 2020.


Rolex Submariner 41mm 

The most visible change (not really) to the Submariner comes with a larger 41mm case diameter, the largest for the collection to date. Other than that, not much has changed aesthetically. You still get a case and bracelet made of Oystersteel, a ceramic bezel insert, and a cyclops if you choose the version with a date.

The invisible change to the Submariner comes in the form of its movement that has now been updated to the new Calibre 3230 and 3235 (with date wheel). You still get Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer certified movement meaning it will be accurate to a deviation of +2/-2 seconds per day but the new bit is the addition of the Rolex Chronergy escapement that has higher energy efficiency. What this means for the average consumer is that now, they can extend the Submariner’s power reserve to 70 hours, a fair amount larger than its predecessor.


Rolex Calibre 3230 and 3235


The Rolex Submariner will only be available without the date window for the reference with the black bezel insert. The rest of the variants with a green or blue ceramic bezel will come with a date window and a cyclops. There will also be variants in full yellow gold or yellow Rolesor (Rolex’s term for yellow gold and steel combinations).

Case: Oystersteel
Case size: 41mm
Crystal: Sapphire
Movement: Calibre 3230/3235
Water Resistance: 300m

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