First Look: Seiko Prospex Street Series

Giving the Tuna some street cred with the Seiko Prospex Street Series

If you’re the kind of reader that knows what it means when Seiko and ‘Tuna’ are used in the same sentence, then you may possibly have strong emotions about the brand new Seiko Prospex Street Series. You have been warned.

These are the brand new Seiko Prospex Street Series watches. And although they may look like Seiko Tunas that have just been given a new, and pretty damn cool, colour scheme, that isn’t quite the case. These new Prospex watches are actually the result of a collaboration between Seiko and Baycrew’s Group, a Japanese fashion department store.

The idea here is to take a classic Seiko dive watch design, hence the iconic ‘Tuna’ elements and re-interpret it in a modern style. The Prospex Street Series watches come in three different matte colours – olive, navy and grey – are accompanied by textured dials and silicon accordion straps that have a pattern mimicking leather.

The movement is what will separate the purists from the rest as all three variants SNE535P1 (olive), SNE533P1 (navy) and SNE537P1 (gray) will be equipped with a Seiko V157 solar movement that is basically a quartz movement that has a solar panel to recharge its batteries.


Case size: 46.2mm
Movement: V157 Solar Movement
Water Resistance: 200m

You can find out more about these cool watches here.

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