Modern Reinterpretation of Seiko’s 1965 and 1970 dive watches now with traditional Seichu braid straps

The Japanese watch with an even more Japanese strap.

Over the past few years, Seiko has been resurrecting iconic models from their past, offering faithful reissues and a modern reinterpretation of said watches. Two that caused quite the stir when they were announced were Seiko’s first diver’s watch from 1965 and another from 1970.

There isn’t anything new about the design of the watch itself, except of course the new vintage-inspired colour scheme on both the SPB237 and SPB239 and perhaps, more importantly, the fabric strap that accompanies them.

By all means, these aren’t the first fabric straps to be produced on Seiko, and god knows every SKX007 owner probably has a set of Nato straps somewhere in their drawer. But this new fabric strap represents yet another injection of Japanese culture for those who love that aspect of the brand.

The straps incorporate a traditional braiding technique from Japan called Seichu. This method was revered for not only its ability to offer a rich texture and colour complexion but also for the added tensile strength. Thus it comes as no surprise that this style of braiding can often be found on the traditional “obijime,” the decorative cord that holds the kimono sash in place.

Additionally, the flexibility and permeability that comes with the braiding also help the strap to be breathable and comfortable on the wrist.

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