Timex M79 Automatic updates a cult classic with a larger case and a mechanical movement

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN!

When the Q Timex came out in 2019, it immediately gained cult status among enthusiasts. And at its price point of MYR 999, it was a no brainer to pick one up, thus quickly making its availability quite scarce. This year, Timex has sought to replicate that success with the Timex M79 Automatic, this time with an automatic movement and ‘Batman’ colours.

Where the Q Timex came with the backing of a historical origin story, the M79, unfortunately, does not. It does, however, come with the same 1970s inspired styling that is reflected in the stainless steel case and the unique mesh-style bracelet that came with the Q. The big difference is the fact that instead of the quartz movement, you will get a Miyota 8205 mechanical movement powering the watch.

What this says to us, is that Timex is looking to bring the stylistic elements of the Q Timex to a wider audience, sans the storytelling. By giving it a mechanical movement and increasing the case to a mid-size 40mm, they are giving customers more choice. As with the Q Timex, the dual-colour bezel is purely aesthetic, and even more so with the M79 because it now comes with a 60-minute timer on the bezel.

With the addition of an automatic movement, the price has been bumped up to MYR 1,499. So if you loved the look of the Q Timex but couldn’t get behind the 38mm case and quartz movement, this may just be the watch you were waiting for.

Case material: Stainless seel
Case size: 40mm
Thickness: 14.5mm
Movement: Miyota 8025 Automatic
Water Resistance: 50m
Price: MYR 1,499

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