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It is undeniable that still images never do justice to watches. And thankfully these days we have no shortage of video content on YouTube. There are just so many video reviews (shameless plug, we have a channel too!) and discussions on the platform that it is unlikely you will ever get through all of them. However, if you are looking for something with a little more production value and artistic vision, these are hard to come by. Fortunately for you, after doing some research, we have managed to come up with a list of videos that are closer to documentaries. Enjoy.

A Moment in Time: Watchmaking at the Start of the 21st Century

This is a great snapshot of the state of modern watch collecting. The modern watch industry is far more complex than what you see in this 26-minute video but it does offer very interesting insights from diverse and prominent figures in the watch industry. We hear from the heads of big brands, independent watchmakers, vintage watch dealers, watch retailers, auctioneers, and even representatives from watch media.


The Chaos of the Universe Is Contained in a Watch

A polar opposite to the previous video, this one takes a look at watchmaking from the opposite end of the high-end luxury spectrum to watchmaking in its most basic form. In it, The Atlantic follows a man who picks up broken down beaters from flea markets and works to bring them back to life. He is a man of a few words but when he speaks, his words are absolute gems.



This is a great little documentary from a film production company called Animal Monday. The reason it looks as it does is that it was made in 2006 after the company won a prize in an annual competition by the British Film Council which gave them the funding to make this. If anything, the film is a great time capsule, offering a look into the past and a younger Philippe Dufour and Vianney Halter.


Bonus mention: Reference Point

Less a documentary and more a video lesson, the Reference Point series from Hodinkee is a great place to learn about how some sought-after modern pieces got their legendary status. We especially enjoyed the ones about the Rolex GMT Master. Who wouldn’t?

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