The New Breitling Super Chronomat Watches Are Perfect If You Have Larger Wrists

Size does matter.

For quite a while, Breitling was the go-to brand when you wanted large, chunky watches, and perhaps a Navitimer. However, these days with new CEO Georges Kern at the helm, their watches have shrunk down to a more manageable size expanding their appeal to a wider market of watch enthusiasts. If you are a Breitling fan that longs for the days of the chunky luxury watch, then the latest Breilting Super Chronomat will most likely get you salivating again.

To be fair, there are still some large watches (case diameter of 44mm and above) in Breitling’s repertoire, like the Avenger for example, but unlike the Avenger which came in multiple sizes, the Super Chronomat is only available in a 44mm case size. This is a great move for Breitling as it positions the Chronomat as a more serious collection within their portfolio, offering a case size of 36mm with their ladies collection to this ultra-large and robust Super Chronomat.

Super Chronomat B01 44

The core watch of this collection comes in the form of a chronograph powered by the in-house B01 movement. It comes with the iconic unidirectional bezel of the Chronomat and its four rider tabs. There are various combinations of designs, offering stainless steel and even an 18k gold case, but the design element that we want to highlight is on the reference with an attached UTC module.

This UTC module is a second watch integrated into the stylish Rouleaux bracelet. It is a quartz clock (unfortunately) that allows for a tracking of a second timezone. It comes with a power reserve of 60 months thanks to a battery but more importantly, this little module also mirrors the 20 bar water resistance of the main Super Chronomat watch. It is unclear how this thing will fit on the wrist as the UTC module is mounted on a dedicated bracelet link which is quite sizeable to accommodate the 9mm diameter.

Super Chronomat 44 Four-Year Calendar

On the upper end of this spectrum, there is this behemoth, offering a semi-perpetual calendar movement combined with the chronograph. It is a bit surprising to see this complication on a watch Breitling describes as a “supercharged, all-purpose sports watch”. This complication is quite a clever one from Breitling. It functions exactly as how a perpetual calendar would save for the fact that it needs to be corrected every four years during the leap year as opposed to most perpetual calendars that need no adjustments until 2100.

Pricing for the Breitling Super Chronomat starts from MYR 37,300 (MYR 43,900 for the one with the UTC module) for the Super Chronomat B01 44 and MYR 63,800 for the Super Chronomat 44 Four-Year Calendar.

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